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Station 3: Demonstration experiments

Model experiment on the fractional distillation of petroleum


Crude oil, still one of the most important raw materials in the world, is a mixture of many hydrocarbons. Because the crude oil is a mixture of substances with different boiling temperatures, individual substances with different boiling ranges can be separated by distillation in fractions. In this experiment a model of crude oil is distilled.

Generation of electric energy with a PEM fuel cell / Solar hydrogen system


A fuel cell is required in order to be able to make use of the gases that are produced by way of electrolysis. When it is supplied with the two gases, the fuel cell generates a voltage and the gases are recombined to form water again.The aim of the first part of the
experiment is to study in a qualitative manner how a motor can be powered by a solar hydrogen system and whether the gases in the air are sufficient for this purpose. The second part of the experiment is a quantitative study of the system.