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Station 14: Digital classroom

Future is digital,

education will be digital as well.

Digital lessons for natural sciences with tablets

Time-saving, intuitive, motivating and future-proof

curricuLAB von PHYWE

Für Physik
Für Chemie
Für Biologie
Für Applied Sciences


Advantages of digital education:

New didactic concepts:

  • Increase of teamwork and social skills
  • Self-reliant learning = motivation increase
  • Increased learning intensity = higher success
  • Adaptation of the learning content to the individual skill level of students = same chances for each student

Interaction anywhere at any time:

  • Learning contents are also available out-of-school-activities at any time = flexibility
  • Tasks and questions are available already on the day before the practical lesson – better preparation = time savings
  • relevant technical communication also outside the school = increase of identification

Practical example Comprehensive School Gehrden –

Every pupil and teacher owns his own tablet

Website of OBS Gehrden

  • Federal State of Lower Saxony
  • Region: rural district Hanover
  • School structure: Comprehensive school including
    • lower school
    • upper school
    • grammar school
  • Number of students: 650 students
  • Teaching staff: 70 teachers

starting point 2011:

  • a computer lab with 30 workstations
  • 30 laptop computers
  • little digital content
  • rudimentarily IT-infrastructure

Transformation to a tablet school:

  • comprehensive implementation of Apple iPads
  • paid by parents with a cost-effective leasing model
  • funding programmes for socially disadvantaged families
  • with PHYWE first time comprehensive use in natural sciences
  • iPads were chosen because of low maintenance cost and administrative effort
  • decision not to use „bring your own device“ concept
  • extension of the lesson time to 60 minutes

Example: IT-infrastructure of Comprehensive School Gehrden

IT infrastructure together with security measures (fire walls and security software)provide data integrity and control private use during classtime

How to become a tablet school?

  • Create a comprehensive digital teaching concept.
  • Check if there are any funding programmes for digital teaching provided by your government.
  • Inspire your colleagues! Together you can enforce your project more quickly.
  • Don´t underestimate the technical infrastructure! Involve a professional IT-service provider.
  • Good infrastructure isn´t everything, a good didactic concept and digital content is just as relevant as the infrastructure.
  • Benefit from third party experience like existing tablet schools and other service providers like PHYWE.

Better way of learning –

Studies of comprehensive school Gehrden show performance improvements

improved net learning time

in a 60 minutes unit

improved learning intensity

in a 60 minutes unit

Klassensituation Gehrden


Digital learning with curricuLAB® –

the new management and experimentation platform

curricuLAB von PHYWE

Save up to 40% of your valuable time with curricuLAB&reg when planning, preparing and reviewing your science laboratory courses. Use the time saved for effective quality courses of the highest quality: interesting, captivating and conveying the joy of succesful teaching and learning.

Your benefits with curricuLAB®:

  • Time-saving concept → higher quality, sustainability, better results and stronger motivation
  • Easier and more efficient organisation and administration → lower stress level for the teaching stuff and higher focus on the courses
  • Integration of mobile devices in the laboratory courses → better student motivation and enhanced media competence
  • Fun in the laboratory courses → faster achievement of learning objectives
  • Investment protection due to sustainability
  • Curricula-compliant scientific content (by curricuLAB&reg from PHYWE)
  • Safety conformity

Time required by a professor or lecturer / increase media competence


PHYWE solution for the natural science class. Experiment digitally!

time-saving, intuitive, motivation increase and sustainable

Experimenting like comprehensive school Gehrden

    1. Wireless data logging with PHYWE Cobra4


    1. PHYWE measureApp


    1. PHYWE student experiment topic „conductors and non-conductors“


  1. PHYWE curricuLAB®


    • ActivityManager
    • LABManager
OBS Experimentieren

Generation of an alternating voltage, rectification and smoothing


An alternating voltage is induced in a coil in the (alternating) field of a periodically moving magnet. The characteristic of a diode to allow electric current only to pass in one direction is used to rectify the induced alternating voltage. A capacitor that is connected in parallel to the load (resistance) smoothes the rectified alternating voltage.

With the innovative teaching and learning platform curricuLAB®, PHYWE offers for the first time a holistic didactic concept with content for digital science education. Take advantage of:

  • Integrated system solution, compatible and expandable
  • Everything from one source (hardware, teachware antd service)
  • Curiculum-compliant from grade 5 to 12/13
  • Synchronized hardware and software
  • Intuitive operation. Developed in cooperation with teachers and students.
  • Of course you can use our solution with every operating system and every device

Digital courses with curricuLAB® –

The curricuLAB®-platform with its modules


Excellent preparation.

  • Inventory of new and already existing equipment
  • Curricula-compliant overview of more than 2.400 PHYWE experiments, including all experiment guides as PDFs
  • Approximately 6.000 items linked to suitable experiments – optimum use of your equipment
  • All operating instructions for all PHYWE devices and experiments included
  • Can be combined with the PHYWE allocation and inventory service
  • Hazard assesment and safety data sheets
  • List of hazardous substances at the push of a button

Excellent courses

  • Access to more than 2.400 curricula-compliant experiments made by PHYWE with all related information
  • Interactive instructions for student and demonstration experiments, prepared under didactic aspects
  • All experiments can be edited and filled combined and shared with your own multimedia content (comments, documents, videos, pictures, etc.)
  • Create teaching modules in groups and courses for your lessons and share them with your colleagues
  • Manage your own calendar
  • Use any type of device for planning your lessons, in particular laptops, tablets or smartphones

Excellent network..

  • Contains all functionalities of the ActivityManager
  • The ideal solution for networked natural sciences laboratory courses with tablets and with computers
  • Create groups for your laboratory courses
  • Central storage and use of teaching contents, including cooporativy with your colleagues
  • Interactive exams, including logs on the student device
  • Data exchange between students and teacher devices
  • Simple assessment: evaluation of all relevant results
  • Quick overview of the students learning progress
  • All sensitive student data can remain on your local server


Easy measurements with computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • the datalogging process is embedded in the experiment so that the measurement results can easily be transferred into the interactive experiment report
  • Use any type of devices: for tablets you can use measureApp and for PCs and Macs you can use measure LAB
  • Automatic detection of the Cobra4 measurements sensors
  • Intuitive and touch-optimised user interface
  • Data sharing between teacher, computer and student IPads


Datalogging with PHYWE Cobra4 –

Use your tablet as a mobile measurement device

    1. Cobra4 Wireless/USB-Link:


      • Innovative interfaces for wireless datasharing
      • Compatible with all Cobra4 sensor units


  1. measureApp:


    • Datalogging with the most important data analysis functions
    • record, save and share measurement data on the IPad

Datalogging mit Cobra4 und der measureAPP


Can be used with all sensors

More than 50 measurement parameters for physics, chemistry and biology applications. More information about the Cobra4 datalogging system at phywe.de/cobra4. phywe.de/cobra4.

Datalogging mit Cobra4 - Sensoren auf einen Blick


Getting started is easier than you think!

Use our digital starter pack to start your tablet classroom from grade 5 onwards

the ideal combination of:

  • Student experiments from all fields of natural sciences
  • Cobra4 for digital datalogging with tablets
  • ActivityManager includes all PHYWE experiment guides, edit functions and safety instructions



  • Experiment guides that use language which is easy to understand especially for younger students
  • Representation of the communicated competences
  • Together with the PHYWE datalogging system Cobra4 and the measureAPPyour tablet become an individual measuring instrument for selected didactic experiments
  • Editable experiment guides(ActivityManager) enable an individual methodical approach. An easy way of internal differentiation and inclusion
  • Multimedia documentation (photos, videos) via freeware measureApp


  • * Z.B. „mobiles lernen 21“ in Niedersachsen, www.n-21.de
  • **ICILS – International Computer and Information Literacy Study – Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung